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adopted cows

Freddie adopted by Aron


This is Freddie who has been adopted by another cow fanatic named Aron.
This is the reason he gave for wanting one"I WOULD LIKE ONE TO MILK MAYBE WANK WITH, HECK MAYBE TO EVEN EAT!"
I spose he'll be eating Freddie for his dinner then, but not on fridays!!!!!! Thats indian day.

These two fine cows Bob and Millie, were adopted by 'Milky'!




This is the reason she gave for wanting to adopt this selection of prize cattle.

"Bob- cause i like pals.. and i need milk! i love milk and then i can ride him to the store for cookieS for the milk!"

"Millie- cause Bob needs a friend, and i need a lot of cows to ride if one gets tired!"

Lian adopted this cow called Rodney


lian adopted Rodney because of his cute looks and cow like charm